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What an Accredited Senior Agent can do for you

Mar 21, 2017 11:00 PM
Leslie Bullock

The huge increase in real estate prices in Burlington, Hamilton and area is a clear indicator of a very challenging and complicated market. It’s now more important than ever that you have a Realtor® by your side when negotiating the purchase or sale of your home.

This can be even more important for seniors, who may feel overwhelmed by the situation and the idea of moving from the place they called home for so long. That’s where an Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) can really make a difference.

Leslie Bullock of Team Bullock is an ASA-certified Realtor; she can help older clients navigate this market and make important decisions regarding their future. As Leslie noted, “A large population of our clients are in the 55+ age bracket - seniors and boomers. I became an ASA agent in order to help these clients when they decide to downsize or when they no longer want to own a home.”

What is an Accredited Senior Agent?

An Accredited Senior Agent is a realtor with a minimum of three years’ experience in the industry. They have taken a course and passed a written exam to be able to work with and assist mature and senior clients with their real estate needs.

An ASA also has training in things such as wills and estates, Canadian tax law as it relates to seniors and different ways to access the capital within your home to fund your living expenses in retirement. They are also very familiar with the various types of retirement living options available on the market. They can guide you to find a home that will provide the right amenities and services for you at the right price.

Other services of an Accredited Senior Agent

An important service that many ASAs provide is the ability to refer their clients to a wide array of services providers that can help them at this stage of their lives.

This ‘Network of Exceptional Specialists’ are people the ASA has personally vetted and who are experts in taking care of the needs of mature clients. This list would include accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, movers as well as “transition managers” — professionals that can sort through and help you sell or give away your old furniture, china and silverware that you no longer need.

Another important service of an Accredited Senior Agent is the ability to work with your children and family members to facilitate this transition from the family home to your new residence. They can remove much of the burden and stress while helping to facilitate many of the logistical, financial and legal matters you need to take care of at this time.

An Accredited Senior Agent is charged with helping their clients deal with and even come to terms with this important but often difficult transition. You can trust an ASA to put your needs and those of your family at the forefront, to do what is in your best interest as they guide you through this process.

As Leslie put it, “it's not just about listing and selling a property, it's about providing support and resources in many areas during this transition. Sometimes this takes a few weeks. Other times it can take months and years to complete.” Regardless, you can be rest assured that you will be less stressed and will enjoy a smoother transition to your new home.


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