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“The Big Freeze” comes to Royal Botanical Gardens

Feb 19, 2017 11:00 PM
Leslie Bullock

Have you ever met a woolly mammoth? Likely not, but if you want to learn more about this now extinct species and descendant of the modern day elephant, the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) is the place to be. They are currently putting on an exhibition entitled The Big Freeze until April 17th where you can learn about these animals along with mastodons, bear-sized beavers and much more.

What you can expect to see

As the name suggests, The Big Freeze is all about the last great Ice Age 20,000 years ago. This exhibit will explain how it started, why it ended, the various animals that inhabited the earth at that time and what happened to them and why.

With many hands-on experiences in their two main exhibitions, plus family-friendly activities occurring daily, The Big Freeze is sure to be a big hit in the coming weeks with families and people from across the region. RBG even has several educational programs geared to teachers in kindergarten to Grade 8 that is part of this. So any way you slice it, there’s lots to learn and discover when you visit The Big Freeze.

The exhibits

The first exhibit, “Ice Age Mammals” will have you in awe of the giant-sized mammals that inhabited the earth back then. This exhibition will include full-sized recreations of some of these giants along with artifacts from the era, including some that were found right here in the local area. You will also learn how Canada’s environment has changed dramatically over the past 4 million years and how paleontologists were able to uncover various facts about this time period.

The other exhibit is titled “After the Thaw” and explains what happened to all the mammals that inhabited our ecosystem during the Ice Age. You’ll discover how are landscape evolved both during and after The Great Thaw and how this knowledge can help scientists better understand what may happen to our environment and ecosystem in the future.

Cool video

If you’d like to get a better visualization of what you can expect to see if you decide to take in The Big Freeze exhibitions at the RBG, take a look at this great video created by Hamilton television station and show sponsor CHCH. It provides a peak into the world of the Ice Age and this wonderful display.

Note that special events are taking place throughout this exhibition at the RBG for no extra charge. Special guests will be providing interactive talks and demonstrations on various aspects related to the Ice Age every Sunday afternoon at 1pm (plus Family Day, Monday February 20th from 11am-3pm).

So be sure to make your way down to Aldershot sometime over the coming weeks and be prepared to be wowed by this incredible presentation of facts and figures on this great period in the history of our planet. 


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